International Women's Day - The Women Who Inspire Me

For International Women's Day (March 8, 2016), I wanted to share a bit about the women who inspire me the most. Some I've known for a short time and some I've known my whole life, but they each teach me how live a better, more thoughtful, and more intentional life. In no particular order, here are a few of the lovely ladies who inspire me:

1. My Mom, Cynthia 

Duh. She's really the greatest. If you have met her, you get it. There's a reason why she's lovingly known as Momma Mammenga to everyone. She gracious with her time and talent, and truly lives her life in service to others. She taught me at a very young age about the importance of volunteering, not being wasteful, and appreciating what you have. Gah, she's really the best. 

2. My Sister, Britt

Seriously, the coolest little sister you could ask for. She's tough as nails and I respect the heck out of her. She calls me out when I'm crabby and annoying, and loves me through it. She's so talented and cool - I hope I can grow up and be like her someday. 

3. My Sounding Board, Jasmine

Jasmine is one of the most talented, brilliant, and special social entrepreneurs in the world. Getting to know her through the launch and first year of BAM Essentials has been an honor. She asks questions that challenge me - that's probably what I appreciate very most about her. This gal is going to do amazing things; she already has!

4. My Work Buddy, Sarah

Sarah is such an inspiration. We meet each week to discuss social enterprise and small business strategies. She founded a social enterprise called Nutty Snacks last year. It's a granola snack (DELISH!) company that support programs for kids around the world. The Snack That Gives Back - how cool is that? She's a mom, an entrepreneur, an employee, a friend - and somehow she totally rocks at every role. 

Who inspires you? Which women in your life are totally rockin' in? Comment below and give them a shout out!